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Ready-made scale models of World of Tanks

Üzenet küldve ekkor: 2020-08-19 18:37:28

Dear Sir/mdm, Our company Resinscales is looking for distributors and resellers for its unique product: ready-made tank models from the popular massively multiplayer online game - World of Tanks. Such models are designed for fans of the game WoT and collectors of military models. What makes our tank models stand out? - We are focusing on tanks not manfactured by any companies, therefore we have no competitors - Accurately made in 1/35 scale - Very high accuracy of details and colors - The price of the model tank is the same as the production cost If you are interested to be our distributor/reseller then please let us know from the contacts below. https://www.resinscales.com/ https://www.facebook.com/resinscales.models/ contact@resinscales.com Ignore this message if it had been wrongly sent to you.


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